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The More Things Change

A New Chapter

Life has a way of presenting challenges when you least expect it. The trick is to turn that challenge into an opportunity. What’s the point of surrendering to mediocrity when you can shake things up and reach for the stars? Imagine how different our world would be if great leaders ran and hid when the going got tough. No thank you.

Our dear friend and partner, Jody, announced her plans to relocate Crow Cottage out of the 1811 building and around the corner, on Railroad Avenue. It wasn’t an easy decision for any of us, but we’re nothing if we aren’t practical. It’s the perfect location for her growing business. She needed more room, and we’d also need more floor space for our voluminous inventory and Shaker collection in preparation for the predicted increase in traffic once the Old Chatham Shaker Museum opens across the street (hopefully in 2024).

Change is never easy. But the more things change, the more they stay the same. The bond Jody has with us is unbreakable. Relocation won’t change that. Nothing will.

But without her manning the shop, we needed a plan, and a plan we have.

For the next few months, in the cold of winter, we’ll be open by appointment or by chance. This will allow us to revamp our branding, discover new inventory, pick through our buildings of gorgeous antiques, and reach out to local artisans who we’ll highlight each month. We’ll also be creating surprises of our own—upcycling everything from furniture to silverware, and making a few other mystery items.

Oh, and my daughter is getting married in May! It’s an exciting year for us, so follow all the fun as we update our Instagram and Facebook accounts with our progress.

Once we’re back to our regular hours, look for cross promotions between us and Jody at Crow Cottage as well as Kim at Chatham Garden.